CDS Timeline


Crossroads was created as the result of the spin-off of a State of CA mental health program.
Just three short years later, we become the second largest contract provider to Sacramento County's Dept of Mental Health.


Crossroads bid and won its first AbilityOne contract with the General Services Administration to provide custodial and grounds maintenance service at the 801 I Street Post Office. This contract provided competitive employment at prevailing wages and benefits to individuals with disabilities. We retain this contract today.


Crossroads bid and won its second AbilityOne contract to provide custodial/grounds maintenance for GSA for the John Moss Federal Building at 650 Capitol Mall. We still have that contract today.


First major culture shift for Crossroads: introduced the concept of competitive employment for persons w/ disabilities.


Drastic budget cuts to the Sac County Dept. of Mental Health leads Crossroads to innovate and expand employment services to include displaced workers and the socially/economically disadvantaged.


Win first private-sector facility services contract and partners with the Sacramento County Dept of Human Services to provide employment services to welfare recipients.
During this same year, Crossroads bid and won a fourth contract with federal General Services Administration to maintain the new federal courthouse at 501 I Street. The new building became the largest single site maintained by Crossroads.

1998 - 2000

Crossroads acquires two businesses: one specializing in hardwood floor refinishing and the other a landscape maintenance company. Utilizing acquisitions as a strategy to increase profitability essentially created a sustainable funding stream to support Crossroads' mission and represented our first foray into social entrepreneurism.
It is also during this time period that Crossroads successfully bids and wins contracts with the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA) to provide employment services to adults and at-risk youth.


Crossroads awarded its fifth AbilityOne contract – to provide custodial services for the United States Social Security Administration's Regional Headquarters in Richmond, California. Three years later, Crossroads renewed this contract and it became a major milestone: an extended ten-year contract with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to provide janitorial and related services to SSA's regional headquarters in Richmond, California.

Also during this year, Crossroads was awarded a three-year contract by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to provide benefits counseling to Supplemental Security Income/Social Security Disability Insurance (SSI/SSDI) recipients in sixteen (16) Northern California counties.  Crossroads was now providing services in eighteen (18) counties.


Crossroads became the sole operator of the Career Center in Citrus Heights California, marking a successful transition from a "supported employment" provider to a true "workforce development" organization.

Crossroads Facility Services (CFS) is established as a wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary of Crossroads Diversified Services. The sole mission of CFS is to provide financial support for the nonprofit mission of Crossroads, which is to get people back to work.


Crossroads awarded the janitorial contract with the U.S. Coast Guard Island located in Alameda, California. This represents Crossroads' sixth AbilityOne contract.


Crossroads awarded the grounds maintenance contract for four federal buildings in Dallas, Texas, rounding out Crossroads' AbilityOne contract sites to ten, and representing the expansion of our services and creating jobs for individuals with disabilities outside of California.



Crossroads is selected to provide grounds maintenance services to Beale Air Force Base.  During this same year, Crossroads is awarded the contract to provide janitorial services to the brand new Austin Federal Courthouse in Austin, TX, further expanding our reach and creating more jobs for individuals with disabilities in the lone star state.



Crossroads selected to provide custodial services to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth. This represented our third significant AbilityOne project in Texas.



Crossroads selected to provide custodial services to another project in Texas - this time to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Houston, TX. Later in this same year, we were awarded another AbilityOne project in California - this time at the Port of San Francisco in Oakland, CA.

This year also marks the retirement of David DeLeonardis - Crossroads' long time President/CEO. Jim Estep was named David's successor in August, charged with overseeing all aspects of Crossroads Diversified Services and its subsidiary, Crossroads Facility Services.

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